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Parents Together with Lead – Virtual Discussion Group

Lead Foundation is pleased to offer a virtual discussion group for parents and caregivers. This is a safe space in which to share, learn and find community with other parents and caregivers. The first session will start in February 2021.

What have previous parents and caregivers told us about this program?

  • Parents feel less alone
  • Parents feel empowered by problem solving together
  • Valuable information is shared
  • Parents can be role models for each other
  • The facilitated group setting is a safe place to share and explore thoughts and ideas
  • Sharing challenges with others can reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem and benefit overall well-being

These sessions are free for parents and caregivers of children in Lead programs. Each group will be a maximum of 8 families. We will be using Zoom video chat and Lead Foundation can help with access to technology.

The discussions are parent-driven, on the first day parents/caregivers choose the weekly topics.

Some previous topics include:

  • How to Help Children Handle News Media
  • Children and Lying – A Developmental Milestone
  • The Quest for Sleep
  • Sibling Rivalry in Close Quarters

Candace Middleton, our Parent Facilitator, will support the discussion with current information and her own experience from working with children and families for the past eleven years.

Each discussion will be approximately 1.5 hours participants can stay for 10-15 minutes or the whole hour, we welcome you for any amount of time within your schedule. We plan to offer two 8-week sessions:

  • Session 1:  Feb. 22 – April 16
  • Session 2:  April 26 – June 18

We are currently checking family interest and time availability. If you are interested in joining us, please fill out information at:

Please also feel free to speak with your Lead coordinator or team members.

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