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Lead is helping children and their families show the world what they can do.

Parent Testimonial

Lead has helped my daughter to excel in her development and growth, helping to prepare her for Kindergarten. The support she has received both in an out of the preschool setting has enabled her for success in her journey to learn. I’m grateful to the support team for the time, attentiveness and dedication they all pour into the work they do.

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Staff Testimonial

There is a real sense of community and togetherness at Lead. Every employee is important. Their opinions are important. Their contribution is valued. We work together towards the same goals and support each other along the way.

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Lead is helping children and their families show the world what they can do.

Lead Foundation Services and SupportServices & Supports

Our dynamic teams provide opportunities for children and families to learn through specialized programs in their home and community.

Alberta Education Programs

We help children develop age-appropriate skills within each family’s chosen Early Childhood Services (ECS) program (e.g., community preschool, daycare or kindergarten). We work with families and ECS staff to create strong, flexible programs that are unique to each child’s needs. > Learn more

Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Programs

We work closely with families to create programs based on the needs of their child as well as their family’s unique priorities.  We encourage development at home and in the community by working within daily routines and creating opportunities to learn through play. > Learn more

Other Early Learning Programs

We offer a variety of learning opportunities and services either free of charge or on a fee for service basis.  Depending on the program, service, or event, these may take place at our office, in the community, or in the home. > Learn more

About Us

Your Child, Your Lead

We empower children, families, and community partners through early intervention, evidence-based practice, and goal-focused programs that result in measurable gains. > Learn more

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May 2021 Newsletter

Our May newsletter is here and available for download! So many wonderful opportunities to look […]

Program Supports Update: Virtual May 12 – 21, 2021

In order to support the safety of our staff and families at this critical time, […]

Parents Together with Lead – Spring Sessions Start in May

Our Parents Together With Lead Winter Session is now over and our Spring Session is […]

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