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home-program03Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

Since 2002, Lead Foundation has provided home and community programs specializing in supports children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.  Over the past five years, we have expanded our programs to include children with other developmental disorders, including Down Syndrome.

Lead Foundation works with FSCD to provide two different types of programs for children with special needs and their families. These two programs are called Specialized Services and Aide Supports.

1. Specialized Services (SS)

  • Our Specialized Services programs are based in your home and community.
  • Our teams follow your lead by listening, supporting and developing strategies with you.
  • We use play and home based activities to support your children’s development.
  • We believe in working with you to build positive behavior support plans for your family.
  • Our teams work closely with parents and Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) to make sure each program matches your child and family’s needs.

Specialized Services provides funding to children with documented severe needs in at least 2 of the following 5 areas:

  • Communication and Social Skills
  • Physical and Motor Development
  • Behavior
  • Self-Help Skills and Adaptive Functioning
  • Cognitive Abilities

Lead Foundation’s home-based programs are designed to achieve goals as described in an Individual Service Plan (ISP). Based on both the child’s and family’s needs, this program may include a Child Development Specialist (CDS), Occupational Therapist (OT), Physical Therapist (PT), Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), Psychologist / Program and Behavior Specialist (PBS), Counsellor, and Clinical Coordinator.

Individual therapy budgets are based on the child and family’s individual needs, as recommended by FSCD.

For more information on Family Support for Children with Disabilities,
please visit www.calgaryandareacfsa.gov.ab.ca.

Common Approach

Lead supports a Common Approach with our children who are eligible for both SS and PUF programs.

  • We offer both PUF and SS programs within Lead, utilizing one team and one plan.
  • We also collaboratively partner with other Service Providers utilizing one plan with one larger team.
  • We have worked collaboratively with others in the community since Lead’s inception.

2. Aide Supports

Whome-program01ithin Lead Foundation’s programs, Aide Support services are typically provided for children within our program.  Children and families may be transitioning from Specialized Services, need home support to target one or two specific goals, and/or require home based coaching support to help their family.  Aide Support services may consist of consultation with a therapist and/or home based services with supervision by a Program Coordinator and/or a Clinical Coordinator.

Aide supports may include developmental or behavioral aide hours and are intended to support parents in acquiring specific skills and learning strategies to help promote their child’s participation in activities of normal daily living. Services may be provided through consultation, involvement in small group programs, and/or direct therapy.

For more information on FSCD Aide Supports programs, please visit www.calgaryandareacfsa.gov.ab.ca.

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